Star Wars Weekends

Highlights from Disney's Hollywood Studios

June 2013

star wars weekends sign

Disney's Holleywood Studios Entrance
Disney's Hollywood Studios is the site of Star Wars Weekends.

storm troopers on transports
This year, storm troopers greeted us from portable transports rather than on top of the Disney Hollywood Studios ticket booth as they had done is previous years.

this storm trooper is hot
"It's 98 degrees in the sun, and I'm in a plastic suit.
Ice planet Hoth doesn't seem all that bad at the moment."

storm trooper dropped his keys
"Excuse me, but I dropped my keys.
Can you hand those up to me?"

storm trooper lost friends on the death star
"I had friends on that death star."

star wars characters on main stage
Star Wars characters were taking turns guarding Captain Solo encased in carbonite.
Moments before, Boba Fett had been here as well.
These characters interact with the audience.

star wars merchandise as darths mall
Although Star Wars Weekend merchandise can be found throughout all of Walt Disney World.  The temporary location, Darth's Mall, was a centralized location to find everything Star Wars and Star Wars Weekend related.

star wars fans go nuts for merchandise
Star Wars fans go nuts.

501st legions pet ranchor roxy
The 501st Legion brought their Rancor (named Roxy) to Star Wars Weekends.
You could have your picture taken with Roxy.

Roxy the Rancor is big
Roxy is big enough to eat this man.

female star wars merchandise
Female Star Wars fans had their own selection of merchandise.

disney characters in star wars costumes
Disney characters in Star Wars costumes.

mickey as Anakin Skywalker
There is something not right about this.

stuffed mickey as a jedi
Plush Jedi Mickey.

giant Darth Vader doll
A Giant Size Darth Vader 31-Inch Figure.

more giant Darth Vader dolls for sale
Take a Darth Vader home with you.

C3PO and R2D2 pose for pictures
R2D2 and C3PO were on hand with their professional photographer.

star wars D-Tech merchandise
D-Tech offers some specialty Star Wars keepsakes.

your head on a storm trooper body
Here they will superimpose your head onto storm trooper bodies
or onto a body encased in carbonite.

you encased in carbonite
These are plastic replica heads of real people.

star wars beach towels and light sabers
If you are heading to the pool and fear a Sith Lord attack, you'll want to stop by here and pick up a beach towel and a light saber.

star wars art for your walls
Star Wars art is a big ticket item.
Wouldn't that Darth Vader painting look great above the sofa?

star wars jawas shoplifting
Jawas are known shoplifters.
Disney retail security was on high alert.

star wars thing
This thing will set you back $34.95.

star wars and corporate Disney
This pretty much sums up Disney's approach to the Star Wars franchise.

That's it for the Star Wars Weekends photos. Once the rain clouds moved in, the expensive photography equipment had to be secured.

Around the rest of the park were autograph signings by Star Wars celebrities, the Jedi Training Academy for kids, and a Star Wars parade.

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