Wildwood, New Jersey

A Jersey Shore Vacation

The phrase "down the shore" has a special meaning to those of us who grew up in the Northeast. Going “down the shore” meant heading to places like Wildwood or Ocean City for a few days in the summer time for vacation. These vacations were spent lounging on beaches all day and strolling along boardwalks in the evenings.

The Wildwoods is a favorite destination of ours on the Jersey Shore. The Wildwoods barrier island is made up of, North Wildwood, Wildwood, and Wildwood Crest, and is located near the Southern tip of New Jersey.

So what does Wildwood have that is such a draw? First of all, the Wildwoods have wide beaches that are actually being built by tidal action and not being eroded. Secondly, the whole barrier island is dedicated to tourism; not just a block or two by the beach. This is a beach town, not a town that happens to have a beach (I’m looking at you Florida). The biggest draw is that famous Wildwood Boardwalk

Wildwood's boardwalk is two miles long and lined with shops, eateries, attractions, and amusement piers. The piers are world class entertainment destinations on their own. Coasters, haunted houses, and spinner rides can be found on the Wildwood piers.

Wildwood also has a nostalgic appeal to us Northeasterners. Beach towns like Wildwood are where most of us went on family vacations as children. It was on these vacations that we were not only introduced to the beach, but it was also our first exposure to themed motels and attractions.

The Wildwoods stand out amongst their beachside neighbors in that they have actively embraced their nostalgic past. Found throughout the Wildwoods is the architectural styling of the mid-century, referred to as "doo wop" architecture. This architecture style takes many forms. Some forms are reminiscent of the space age; others pay tribute to the south pacific, while others borrow from Americana.

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Vacation Report

Vacation Report