Disney's Saratoga Springs Pool Hopping Tour

Facilities and Amenities

June 2013

high rock springs pool up close
Disney resort pools are an attraction of their own.

The Saratoga Springs Resort is a massive, sprawling resort. As such, there are multiple pools to be found throughout the Saratoga Springs Resort grounds.

The High Rock Springs Pool is located in the Springs Area of the Resort.
The Paddock Pool is Located in the Paddock Area of the Resort.
The Backstretch Pool is located in the Grandstand Area of the Resort.
The Congress Park Pool is located in the Congress Park Area of the Resort.
Finally, there is a pool located in the Treehouse Villas section of the Resort.

Below, we will tour all but the Treehouse Villas Pool, which is effectively in a separate Resort area.

The Backstretch Pool

backstretch pool area
The Backstretch Pool located in the Grandstand area of the resort.
This pool offers a variety of amenities.

backstretch pool snack bar
A full service snack bar offers quick service meals, snacks, and a bar.

kids splash area
A kiddy water play area is located adjacent to the pool.
A hot tub is located just to the right of this shot.

picnic tables and grill
A surprising amenity is located just outside the Backstretch Pool -
a picnic and grilling area.
There is a similar grilling area located at the Congress Park Pool as well.

pool lockers
Lockers are available for guest use, as well as laundry and restroom facilities.

The High Rock Springs Pool

high rock springs pool
The High Rock Springs Pool is the main pool at the Saratoga Springs Resort.
It is the largest pool on site and plays host to activities throughout the day.
It's located next to the main buildings in the Springs Area of the resort.

hot tub number two
There are two hot tubs at the High Rock Springs pool, this is one of them.

pool bar
On The Rocks pool bar - for those who need alcohol with their water.

On the Rocks pool bar prices
On The Rocks pool bar menu.

the arcade
At the far end of the pool is an arcade.

bike rentals at Saratoga Springs
Bike rentals are done near the pool area.

Saratoga springs main road
Exiting the pool area brings me to one of the criticisms of this resort - the busy main road that runs right through the center of the resort.
I don't know of any other Disney resort that has a roadway going directly through the center of it.

beautiful pathways
Once across the road, however, you'll be back on beautiful pathways once again.

bridge to the paddock
The Springs area of the resort is connected to The Paddock area by this long bridge.
The Paddock Pool can be seen to the left in this shot.

The Paddock Pool

the paddock pool
The Paddock Pool.
Like the High Rock Springs Pool, the Paddock Pool has a water slide.

the paddock pool water slide
The Paddock Pool water slide.

paddock pool hot tub
The Paddock Pool's only hot tub.

paddock grill
The Paddock Pool also features a grill.

paddock grill menu
The menu of the Paddock Grill.
Prices don't seem to be listed.

The Congress Park Pool

congress park pool
The Congress Park section of the resort features a quieter pool than the other areas.
The building in the background houses guest laundry, vending machines, and restrooms.
A grilling area is nearby.

the congress park hot tub
The hot tub of Congress Park.

congress park Downtown Disney view
A sitting area next to the Congress Park Pool offers great views of Downtown Disney.
This is also located along the walkway to Downtown Disney.

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