Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa Grounds Tour

Facilities and Amenities

June 2013

Saratoga Springs front entrance
Lets start at the beginning.
This is the main entrance carport to the Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa.

bronze horse and jockey
Venturing past the carport you encounter this bronze horse and jockey photo op.

The Saratoga Springs carriage house
The entrance to the Carriage House which contains the check-in area.

a carriage
A carriage sits just outside the Carriage House.

Check in area of the Saratoga Springs resort
The check-in area of the Saratoga Springs Resort.

We recommend using the on-line check-in option before arriving at your Disney resort.  This will significantly decrease your check-in time.
However, be aware that your room may not be ready when you check-in.  In that situation, Disney will send a text to your cell phone as soon as the room does become available.
You will not need to return to the check-in desk because your key card or magic band will automatically be activated to open your room's door lock at that time.

sitting area near the check-in area
There is a cozy sitting area just off the check-in area.

retail area of the resort
A Disney merchandise area just past the sitting area.

shopping at the resort
Another view of the shopping area.

the saratoga springs food court
Just to the left of the shopping area is the Saratoga Springs food court.
We find this to be small compared to other resorts, but the offerings were adequate.

food court menu one
Video Menu panels display the food offerings.
Menu panel 1

food court menu panel 2
Menu panel 2.

menu panel three
Menu panel 3.

Disney has started having a love affair with flatbreads recently.  They've been replacing items on menus across the Walt Disney World property.
In our opinion, they aren't very good.
They seem to be made in a central kitchen and then distributed to various counter service locations across property to be re-heated.
The 'flatbread' isn't very bread-ey.  Instead, it is cracker-like; a tough, chewy cracker at that.
We've tried them at a couple locations and have found them to be consistently disappointing.

Turkey and brie sandwiches.

italian hoagies
Italian hoagies.

assorted crispy treats
More rice crispy treats than I've ever dreamed about.

more snacks
Cookies, danishes, cup cakes, and fruit selections.

incidental foods and other items
A very small selection of regular groceries are available.

wines and beers
Don't worry about having to face a family vacation sober.
A selection of beers and wines are also available.

non alcoholic beverages
Some refrigerated drink and snack selections.

the dining area
Adjacent to the food counter and retail area is the dining area.
This area is supposed to resemble an artist's loft.

jockey shirt on wall
Shirts worn by jockeys are called silks.
This silk features not-so-hidden Mickeys.

lounge area and pool table
Down a hallway from the food court dining area is a lounge that doubles as a waiting area for the Turf Club Bar and Grill.

turf club bar pool table
There is even a pool table for entertainment.

turf club bar and grill
The interior of the Turf Club Bar and Grill.
This is the sit down restaurant option for the resort.

Saratoga Springs boat dock
Exiting out of the front of the building near the Turf Club leads to the boat dock and water transportation to Downtown Disney.

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