The 2013 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival

The Festival Center

September 2013

epcot wine and food festival center
The Festival Center is located in the old Wonders of Life Pavilion.
This is where the wine tastings and food demonstrations take place.
There are also food and wine displays and merchandise shops.

epcot food and wine festival strawberries
Here a woman lectures about the wonders of the strawberry.

epcot food and wine chef mickey
Chef Duffy is on hand for the festival sporting a new outfit.

epcot food and wine festival bumbling chef
According to the festival guide, this bumbling chef is named Chef Bobble.

EPCOT food and wine festival beer and wine koozies
Need an official beer or wine koozie?
You can pick one up here at the festival store.

epcot food and wine festival ghirardelli
The 'Chocolate Experience: From the Bean to the Bar' is located in the festival center and features Ghirardelli chocolate.

epcot chocolate sculpture
The Chocolate Experience has many chocolate sculptures on display,
like this one depicting the Lion King.

under the sea sculpture chocolate
Under the Sea in White Chocolate.

epcot food and wine store
You can also purchase many of the wines featured at the marketplaces right here at the festival wine store.

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