Wildwood New Jersey

The Boardwalk by Night

July 2012

The Wildwood Boardwalk Night
The Wildwood Boardwalk at Night

The Wildwood Boardwalk, although lively during the day, becomes absolutely electric at night.
The lights, the sights, the sounds, the music, and the people, all come together to make the boardwalk an amazing experience.

Yugo Factory Frozen Yogurt
The Yugo Factory's sign dominates this shot.
The tram car can just be seen coming into view.

Jumbo's seafood take out stand
Jumbo's is a seafood take out stand located at the entrance to Mariner's Landing pier.

mummers on the Wildwood Boardwalk
One of the mummers bands from Philadelphia was on hand on this night to offer up unique musical and visual entertainment.

Mariner's Arcade neon sign
A neon sign advertises the entrance to the Mariner's Arcade located at the entrance to Mariner's Landing pier.

unlit Coca-Cola sign
The Coca-Cola sign seems to be out.
But, the signs below seem to be doing the job.

crepes and ice cream
Now I'm hungry for ice cream and crepes.

Idaho Potatoes fresh cut fries
Fresh cut fries that you can drench in salt and vinegar are a great boardwalk snack.
Funnel cakes are available at the same stand.
Do you see why people love the boardwalk?

Mack's Pizza
Mack's Pizza eye-catching sign.
Interestingly, there's a room above Mack's that seems to be occupied.

boardwalk games
The Boardwalk has many games of chance like those typically found at fairs.

Adventure Maze
The Adventure Maze is a walk through mirror maze located at the entrance to the Surfside Pier.

Capt'n Jacks
Capt'n Jacks is a new bar and grill located at the entrance to the Surfside Pier.
This inviting place also has an upper-level dining area that offers great views of the boardwalk.

Pirates of Wildwood
The idea for this ride sounded good, the execution left something to be desired.
And it costs $5 per person to ride.

surside pier rides
Rides on the Surfside Pier.

Dante’s Dungeon
This demon guards the entrance to Dante’s Dungeon

The Great Nor’Easter
The Great Nor’Easter's wildly twisted track.

batman doll
This batman doll seemed to be the hot item on the boardwalk this year.

Wave Swinger
The Wave Swinger on the Mariner's Landing Pier.
In the background, the track of the Sea Serpent can be seen.

Adventure Pier and Mariner's landing pier
From this view, you can see both the Adventure Pier and the Mariner's Landing Pier.

boardwalk crowd
A summertime crowd fills the Wildwood Boardwalk

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