Wildwood New Jersey

We're here, now what?

July 2012

Wildwood baseball hats

A Typical Wildwood Vacation Day

A typical day for us on vacation in Wildwood involves going to the beach and spending hours there relaxing on the sand and splashing in the ocean waves.
Lunch is usually a quick snack at the townhouse or something from one of the local take-out places. Then it's back to the beach, if we've left the beach at all that is.
Dinner is at one of many restaurants in town, or a home cooked meal back at the townhouse.
Finally, evenings are spent walking on the boardwalk and enjoying the sights, sounds, snacks, and attractions.

Exploring the Wildwood Beaches

Wildwood Crest beach
Above is a street-side entrance to the Wildwood Crest beach early in the morning before anyone is out.
As you can see from here, you're pretty far away from the Atlantic ocean.

Wildwood Crest beach
The first thing to notice is that there is no steep decline to get onto the beach.
There is just a gentle slope and a small dune to traverse.

Wildwood Crest beach
Each beach access point in Wildwood and Wildwood Crest has these long
wooden walkways to make beach access easier.

Wildwood Crest beach
Just past the dunes and it's still a long way to the water.

Wildwood Crest beach
Looking up the beach, you can just about make out the rides on the amusement piers.
You can also see just how wide the beach is here.

Rounding Up Provisions

Day one for us is spent getting the supplies we need for our stay. Shopping for food, beverages, and even souvenirs is the order of the day.

There were several establishments located near our townhouse that we found invaluable in making our stay an enjoyable success.

The Crest Tavern Wildwood Crest
The Crest Tavern was the first place we stopped at.
It's a combination sports bar, restaurant, and beer outlet.
We were here for beer.

South Station Market Wildwood Crest
Just down the road from the Crest Tavern is the South Station Market.
This market is basically a convenience store with a sandwich and grill counter in the back.
We recommend the italian sub.

Beach Bums Wildwood Crest
Beach Bums turned out to be our favorite souvenir shop.
We found they had the nicest collection of printed T-shirts of all the shops we visited.
It was also a pleasant shopping experience compared to the T-shirt shops on the boardwalk that tend to blast LOUD music at you.

Harbour mini golf Wildwood Crest
A mock lighthouse nearby.

Wildwood ACME Supermarket
Finally, a stop at the ACME Supermarket for groceries.

Back to the Beach

Wildwood Crest beach
So after our shopping trip, it was beach time.

Wildwood Crest beach
Just past the dunes, we stopped to rest and look back at some of the Wildwood Crest motels.

Wildwood Crest beach
We then continued to schlepp our beach stuff all the way out to the water's edge.
Laurence of Arabia didn't see this much sand.

Wildwood Crest beach
Finally, getting close to the waves, we picked a spot and planted our beach umbrella.

Ending the day on the Boardwalk

On our first night, we were anxious to get to the boardwalk where we enjoyed a summer's evening stroll, some snacks, and some thrills on the amusement piers.

The Wildwood Boardwalk
After spending the afternoon on the beach, our first night in the Wildwoods
ended with a trip to the Boardwalk.

Wildwood Crest beach
The Mariner's Landing pier and its amusements.

Wildwood Crest beach
The Giant Wheel on Mariner's Landing pier.

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