MegaCon 2015

The Show Floor

April 2015

MegaCon 2015 the show floor
The massive show floor of MegaCon.

So what does one do at MegaCon as an attendee?  First and foremost, attendees walk around the show floor visiting exhibitor booths and displays. 
Like all major conventions, most of the time spent doing other con activities will be interwoven around the time spent on the show floor.

The show floor is where all vendors are set up, celebrity meet and greets take place, and artist dislay and sell their art.  Other ativities such as product demos and even tattoing take place on the show floor as well.

The second biggest con activity is attending panel discussions.  Panels take place in ancilliary rooms around the convention center.  Panels are where celebrities discuss their movie and television projects,  game designers display and demo their games, and other various experts talk about their own field of expertise.

The Show Floor

MegaCon 2015 on the show floor
Down on the show floor of MegaCon.

MegaCon 2015 anime characters
Anime characters.

MegaCon 2015 anime hats
Hats for anime characters.

MegaCon 2015 anime wigs
Wigs for the anime crowd.

MegaCon 2015 anime characters
Some busty anime characters on sale at MegaCon.

Superhero bathrobes at MegaCon
Superhero bathrobes.
Now you can lounge around as superman.

MegaCon 2015 comics for sale
Of course there are comics to be found at MegaCon.

MegaCon costumes for sale
Anime costumes on sale at MegaCon.

cosplay deviants at MegaCon
Soldier dude and sailor boy chat up a Cosplay Deviant.
No idea what any of this means.

MegaCon Japanese snacks
Japananese snacks are a rage amoungst the anime crowd.

Big City Comics booth at MegaCon
Big city comics has a unique and eyecatching booth at MegaCon.
If you stay in the cage for a while, you get a free T-shirt.

Star Trek phasors at MegaCon
Star Trek Phaser replicas.

Superfriends at MegaCon
Some superfriends are here.

Tattoos at MegaCon
Getting a tatto at MegaCon.

Tower of T-shirts
So many T-shirts.
It's a tower of T-shirts.

longerie for super hero fans
Some superhero stuff for gals.

MegaCon vests
Not a lot of coverage with these vests.

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