MegaCon 2015

Artist Alley

April 2015

MegaCon Artist
Artists appearing at MegaCon are happy to speak with guests and proud to display and sell their works.

Cartoonists, as well as artists of all mediums, appear at MegaCon.  They are there to show off their talents and sell their artistic creations.

Artist Alley is one of our favorite areas of MegaCon.  The artists found there display a love of their subject matter and are happy to chat with guests.

MegaCon Artist
Artists at MegaCon display a broad range of subject matters on a variety of mediums.

MegaCon Artist
Artists at MegaCon create unique works based upon their own genre interests.

MegaCon Artist
Many artist's at MegaCon specialize in specific genres.
This one specializes in visualizations of super heroes.

MegaCon Artist
Super heroes and super villains.

MegaCon Artist
Cross genre artwork.

MegaCon Artist
Some MegaCon artists will create art works right on the show floor..

MegaCon Artist
MegaCon artist are on hand to sign and authenticate their works.

MegaCon Artist
Star Trek crews in Art.

What to do at MegaCon
There's plenty more to do at MegaCon.

MegaCon Orlando 2015 crowds
The corridors of the convention center are crowded with MegaCon attendees.

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