MegaCon 2015

The Comics, Sci-Fi, Anime, Gaming, Horror, Fantasy, and Cosplay Convention

April 2015

MegaCon 2015 Orlando Florida

MegaCon Orlando is the ComiCon of the Southeast.  It is a huge convention for fans of Sci-Fi, comic books, anime, video gaming, and all related genres.  Cosplay, or dressing as your favorite characters, is also a huge part of MegaCon.

Held annually in the Spring, MegaCon takes place at the Orange County Convention Center located near Orlando on International Drive.  Hotels surrounding the convention center sell out weeks before as attendees and vendors from all over the country converge for this incredible event. 

The official page for this event is located here on the MegaCon website.

MegaCon 2015 convention center entrance
Entering the Orange County Convention Center for MegaCon.

MegaCon buying tickets
The ticket line winds all around one of the entrance hallways.

MegaCon ticket purchasing
Finally getting close to the ticket windows to buy a wristband.

MegaCon outside the show floor
Before the massive main Show Floor opens, attendees mass in the outer room.

MegaCon is so huge that there isn't enough room on the main Show Floor for all exhibitors.  So, some spill out to the outer room as well as areas around the convention center.  Typically, the larger exhibits such as Lego and Star Wars enthusiast groups are found in the outer room.

A Lego city.

MegaCon lego monorail
A Lego monorail.

MegaCon legos haunted mansion
A Lego castle or haunted mansion.

MegaCon legos star wars
A Star Wars battle in Legos.

MegaCon legos city scape
A Lego city scape.

MegaCon legos city scape
More of the Lego cityscape.

MegaCon legos forest scene
A rural alpine village in spring?

MegaCon lego Darth Vader
A Logo ode to Darth Vader.

MegaCon 501st Legion exhibit area
Nearby, the 501st Legion has a huge display area every year.

The 501st Legion is a massive network of Star Wars fans who spend considerable time and money putting together their own personal storm trooper and other imperial costumes.  Organized into garrisons by location, they participate in conventions and charity events.

MegaCon 501st legion helmets
Different squads and garrisons of the 501st are represented here.

MegaCon death star firing station
This couple unknowingly blew up Jaccu
and that god-awful Mary Sue who lives there.

MegaCon 501st Han encased in carbonite
Han has been encased in carbonite.

MegaCon 501st helmets
Star Wars helmets.

MegaCon star wars creatures
Imperial guard and snow creature.

MegaCon 501st droids
R2D2 and friends.

MegaCon R2D2 droids
R2-D2 and other droids are on display.
These fully functioning droids were built by the Southern R2-D2 Builders Group.

MegaCon star wars scene
A scene from Star Wars on Tatooine.

MegaCon Star Wars
A display from Kashyyyk, the Wookie home planet.
Collection by The Wookiee Workshop.

MegaCon Star Wars white collection
The Star Wars white collection.

MegaCon 2015 Star Wars battle droid
"I am completely ineffectual against Jedi."

MegaCon Star Wars sand people
Just when the fun starts a Sand Person shows up.

MegaCon Star Wars Rebels Chopper
Chopper from Star Wars Rebels made an appearance.

MegaCon Star Wars garbage masher
"Just shut down all the garbage mashers on the detention level."

MegaCon Star Wars wookie
"Do you know where is the canteena located?"

MEGACO Star Wars vader fight
Vader will have none of this silliness.

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