Wildwood New Jersey 2013

The Beach and The Boardwalk

July 2013

The Beach

A lifeguard boat on the wildwood crest beach
The beach scene in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey.

The dual attractions of the Beach and the Boardwalk is what drew the WhatIDidOnVacation.com team to the Wildwoods resort island again.

The Wildwoods allow us to experience our favorite type of vacation. Waking up whenever, lazing around on a lounge chair on the beach all day, and then visiting the boardwalk at night; all without the need to make any plans whatsoever.  This is the type of vacation enjoyed in the Wildwoods.

lounging on the Wildwood Crest beach
A Wildwood Crest Lifeguard boat is poised and ready for rescue operations
or photo ops.

Onto the Wildwood Crest beach
Watching the waves.

Onto the Wildwood Crest beach
A colorful shot of the crowded beach.

Onto the Wildwood Crest beach
The red team's flag has been left unguarded.
Quick, let's capture it!

Diamond Beach New Jersey
On the south end of the Wildwood Crest beach is Diamond Beach.
Diamond Beach is a privately owned beach that is restricted to residents and guests.

snack shack seating on the Diamond Beach
The Seapoint Beach Grill on Diamond Beach is open to the general public. 
Please don't feed those darned birds.

Table on the beach at Diamond Beach
The restricted Diamond Beach.
The general public is not allowed to venture beyond this point.

The Boardwalk

The Wildwood Boardwalk
The wondrous Wildwood Boardwalk.

We've previously posted an extensive tour of the Wildwood Boardwalk. That report starts here within our Wildwood 2012 Vacation Report.

Parking $$

We do want to make note of something we discovered this year concerning the parking for the Boardwalk.  Parking rates on Saturdays are through the roof.  $20 was the going rate to park anywhere near the boardwalk on Saturday night.  However, during the week, those same lots charge only $5 to $8.  We suggest walking to the boardwalk, if possible, or taking the trolley.

Surfside Pier
The Surfside Pier as seen from the boardwalk.

The Great Nor'Easter on the Surfside Pier
The wildly bent track of the Great Nor'Easter.

Mack's Pizza slice
Mmmm, a slice of Mack's Pizza.
Our favorite pizza found on the Wildwood Boardwalk.

Sam's Pizza on the Wildwood Boardwalk
Meanwhile, a long line for Sam's Pizza,
which we enjoy also.

Route 66 restaurant on the Wildwood Boardwalk
Some fifties nostalgia on the Wildwood Boardwalk.

Sand Jamm on the Wildwood Boardwalk
Themed shopping on the boardwalk.

Mariners Landing Pier Wildwood New Jersey
The Mariners Landing Pier.

shirts on the Wildwood boardwalkShirts with funny sayings found at shops on the Wildwood Boardwalk.

cotton candy stand on the Wildwood Boardwalk
Boardwalk snack foods.
Or what some people call dinner - don't judge.

Wildwood Boardswalk at dusk
The wondrous Wildwood Boardwalk at dusk.

Making Douglas Fudge Wildwood New Jersey Boardwalk
Preparing the fudge at Douglass Fudge.

Douglas Fudge Wildwood New Jersey
Mmmm, Douglass Fudge.

Giant Wheel on Mariner's Landing Pier
The Giant Wheel on Mariner's Landing Pier.

Ghost Ship on Mariner's Landing Pier
The iconic Ghost Ship on Mariner's Landing Pier.

Carousel on the Surfside Pier
The carousel on the Surfside Pier.

surfside pier at night
The Surfside pier at night.
Watching "IT" throw some people around.

Dantes Dungeon Wildwood Surfside Pier
Dante's Dungeon ride-through haunted house on the Surfside Pier.

Stewarts on the Wildwood Boardwalk
The doo wop, juke box themed Stewarts restaurant and takeout stand.

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