Star Wars Celebration 6

The Official Star Wars Convention produced by Lucasfilm in Orlando, Florida

August 2012

Star Wars Celebration at the Orange County Convention Center 2012
Star Wars Celebration 6 was held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida in April 2012.

Star Wars Celebration is the official convention for Star Wars produced by Lucasfilm itself.  The Celebration travels from city to city, and is held every other year in the United States. 

In 2012, the Star Wars Celebration was held in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center.  It was a simpler time back then.  George Lucas owned Star Wars, there were only the six movies and the Clone Wars animated TV show was in syndication.  The fans who showed up were the truly dedicated, and not the casual fans that have made more recent celebrations the insufferable menagerie of lines that they have become.

An attendee could actually show up for panel discussions shortly before they started and not only get in, but have decent seats.  No one slept overnight on the concrete floors of the convention center.

As with all Star Wars Celebrations, the stars, directors, writers, editors, and designers of the films were on hand to conduct panel discussions, sign autographs, and otherwise interact with fans of the movies and cartoon series.

The official page for this event is located here on the Celebration website.

Star Wars royalty arrive by limo
Star Wars stars, or perhaps George Lucas himself, arrived by limo.

Star Wars Celebration 6 death star entrance
A giant Death Star greeted arrivals to the Convention Center.

The 501st Legion's Display Room

501st legion display room costumes
The 501st Legion had a very large display room right off the main entrance to the convention center.  It was the very first room many people encountered.

The 501st Legion is a massive network of Star Wars fans who spend considerable time and money putting together their own personal storm trooper and other imperial costumes.  Organized into garrisons by location, they participate in conventions and charity events.

501st legion helmets on display
The Legion's helmet display.

a scene from tatooine
A scene from tattooine.

501st legion prop photo op area
The 501st have massive backdrops for photo opportunities.

storm troppers hanging out
Some stormtroopers hanging out just outside the 501st display room.

The Show Floor

Star Wars Celebration 6 show floor
This massive show floor of Star Wars Celebration 6.

Star Wars Celebration 6 show floor
The show floor was crowded with Star Wars fans.

boba fet large display
Boba Fet on display.

a star wars blaster on sale at Star Wars Celebration
A blaster on sale for $14,995 + FL sales tax.

ewok head on sale
A Return of the Jedi ewok head mask - $2,495 + FL sales tax.

star wars collectible figures
Star Wars collectible figures in action poses.

Photo Ops

endor photo op
An Endor photo op set.

millenium falcon photo op
Photo op Millennium Falcon.

jabbas leir photo op
These guest posed with Jabba, slave Leah, and a buxom Boba Fett.

darth varder photo op
A Darth Vader photo op.

jabba photo op
A more complete Jabba's lair photo op.

get on the speeder kid
The Endor speeder from a different angle.

tatooine photo op
A tatooine photo op set.

stat wars celebration autograph lines
Autograph signings took place on the show floor as well.

mark hammills autograph schedule
Mark Hamill was on hand for autographs and photo ops.

legos and cars area at Star Wars celebration
The custom Star Wars cars and Lego area.

star wars detailed car exterior
A Star Wars themed car.

star wars themed car interior
The interior of a Star Wars car.

battle of hoth in legos
There was also a large area for Lego builds.
Above is the Battle of Hoth in Legos.

star destroyer in legos
Star Destroyer in Legos.

Anakin versu Obiwon in legos
Lego Anakin versus Obi-Won.

lego mos eisley
A Lego Mos Eisley.

lego child play area
Speaking of Legos, there was a Lego play area at Celebration for the tots.

star wars diorama at celebration
For more adult builds, guests were invited to help build a diorama of tatooine.
This build continued throughout all four days of the Celebration.

jawas at celebration
A display of jawas at work.

lukes land speeder
Luke's landspeeder.

a pilot shots at star wars celebration
Shopping for toys and collectibles is always a great con activity.

Star Wars pajamas
Take Star Wars to bed with you with these Star Wars footed pajamas.

rancor handler at celebration
Some Star Wars enthusiast in the food court area.

Star Wars tattoo area
There was also an area dedicated to getting Star Wars tattoos at celebration.

At At on display in the convention center
An AT AT on display in the convention center's corridor.

Panel Discussions

Ben Burtt star wars sound and visual engineer conducts a panel discussion
Ben Burtt conducted this panel discussion on visual effects and sound editing.

the THX digital theater for celebration
Many panels were held in the THX digital theater.

the lobby of the Orange County Convention center
The immense entrance lobby of the
Orange County Convention Center.

star wars banner
That was it from Star Wars Celebration 6.

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