The Europa Games & Fitness Expo Orlando 2019

At the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida

March 2019

orange county convention center west building
We are back at the west building of the Orange County Convention Center for
The Europa Games and Fitness Expo 2019.

The Europa Games is held every Spring at the Orange Country Convention Center.  It features the following sports / activities: NPC and IFBB Bodybuilding, wrestling, grappling, powerlifting, strongman, archery, ninja course, obstacle courses, and zumba.
The Europa Games is also a huge fitness expo with tons of fitness vendor booths and athletic challenges.
Attendees can choose to participate or just spectate.  Participants must register before hand. For details about all of this, check out the official Europa Games Website.

We had a great time just being observers at the Europa Games.  We watched some martial arts contests in the grappling area and watched some of the powerlifting contest.
We spent considerable time walking around the show floor sampling offerings from all of the sports nutrition vendors and collecting many free samples.
Finally, we spent the bulk of our time at the Europa Games watching the bodybuilding and physique contests.

the coridors of the orange county convention center
Europa Games - that way.

ticket booths
Ticket booths.

ticket prices
Ticket prices.

VIP ticket prices for the europa games
VIP ticket prices.

entrance to the show floor
The Europa Games entrance.

the show floor
Arriving on the show floor.

bang energy stage and merchandise area
Bang Energy had a high energy and very loud area right at the entrance to the expo on the show floor.

Let's talk about that loud booth, and the general loudness of everything at the Europa Games.  Bang Energy was blasting music the entire time we were on the show floor.  The power lifting area was blasting music.  Zumba was blasting music.  They were also blasting music from the Military Muscle Obstacle course.  All of that music created a high energy feel to the show floor.  However, there was a drawback.  If you were trying to watch any of the bodybuilding contests on the main stage, you couldn't hear anything but this deafening cacophony from all the other areas.  It was a headache inducing mess.  This issue should be addressed for future Europa Games. 

country archer beef jerky
Country Archer beef jerky samples.

europa games show floor 2019
Europa games attendees sampling protein at the Giant Sports Supplements booth.

GAT sport booth
GAT Sport had a large booth and offered samples of their testosterone boosting protein.
We're not convinced that this crowd needed any more testosterone.

GAT sport protein sample
Mmmm protein.
It actually tasted pretty good,
and my T-levels surged.

GAT sport mixing up more protein
Mixing up some more protein.

GAT sport suppliments
Jugs and jugs of protein.

dymatize kettlebell challenge
Many vendor booths offered merchandise for completing a challenge.
Pictured, a challenger attempts the Dymatize challenge to complete 100 kettle bell squats for a jug of protein powder.

europa games show floor activites
The Europa Games show floor had a variety of vendors.

mauer sports nutrition fudge samples
Mauer Sports Nutrition offered sporty fudge samples.

optimum nutrition booth
Optimum Nutrition was represented at the Europa Games.

optimum nutrition cookies
Optimum Nutrition offered high protein cookie samples.

PE science protein
P E Science protein cookie and cupcake mixes.

smart baking smartcake booth
Protein Smart Baking Smartcake samples.
Chocolate and Cinnamon.

europa games show 2019 floor
"Would you like some protein?"

ultima replenisher drinks
Ultima Replenisher drinks.

All of the sports vendor items shown above are not only there for the sampling, they are also for sale.  The vendors seem to be doing a brisk business.  We observed many attendees leaving with huge shopping bags overstuffed with jugs and canisters.
Whether you will be getting a good deal compared to ordering online differed from booth to booth.  We advise checking the item price on the internet from your phone before making any purchases.

fencing and light sabers
There was fencing and light saber battles.

us ninja league course
Europa Games attendees could attempt to complete this US Ninja League course.

us air force special ops
The US Air Force Special Ops had a large area and attendees could participate in the Air Commando Experience.
Pictured is a participant completing the challenge.

orlando archery academy
The Orlando Archery Academy had a course at the Europa Games.
Participants could shoot arrows at the various targets.

europa games food court
The food court area was the standard OCCC offerings.

europa games bodybuilding

The Eurpo Games hosts both NPC Amateur (National Physique Committee) and IFBB Pro International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness bodybuilding contests.  The bodybuilding stage had the largest crowds throughout the day.
We felt that the stage should have been located in another room of the convention center or even a partitioned area of the show floor.  This would have allowed the audience to actually hear the announcements and the competitors chosen music.  It would also have given the competitors less distractions.
As addressed above, the music from other areas of the show floor ruined the experience of watching the bodybuilding contests.  Whether the organizers realize this or not, the bodybuilding contests are the focal point of the Games.  It has the highest amount of competitors, the most general public awareness, and people naturally congregate near the Bodybuilding stage.
In contrast to the other activities at the Europa Games, bodybuilding is a completely different animal.  It's a physical art form.  It deserves to be given the preferential staging that it deserves.
By the way, we felt bad for the wrestling and grappling folks also.

male bodybuilding
The Europa Games bodybuilding contest stage.
Smack dab in the middle of the show floor.

female physique
Female Physique contest.

mens physique
Male Physique contest.

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