The Grant Seafood Festival

In Grant, Florida

February 2014

Grant Seafood Festival sign
The Grant Seafood Festival.

The Grant Seafood Festival takes place in Grant, Florida every February. The Grant Seafood Festival grounds are just a brief drive down US1 from Melbourne.  This festival is a huge draw attracting seafood lovers from all over.  It's advisable to get there early and bring a folding lawn chair.  You'll want to stay a while. 

The Grant Seafood Festival is not the kind of event where you dine and dash.  Parking will take a while due to the heavy traffic.  Walking to the festival itself may be a long walk.  Most food items have their own stands, so you'll be waiting in line for each.  You'll want to walk around the art and crafts area.  Finally, you'll want to stay to listen to the bands.

Our advice is to get their early with your lawn chair, and bring plenty of sunscreen.

 Melbourne road trip
Grant, Florida is just short road trip down US1 from Melbourne.
You'll see signs directing you to the festival parking areas as you approach Grant.

Grant Seafood Fest chairs
You should bring a folding or camping chair.
Most people who attend the Grant Seafood Festival camp out for several hours.
This isn't a grab & go event.

The crowd at the Grant Seafood festival
A huge crowd always turns out for the Grant Seafood Festival.

Grant Seafood Festival food tickets
The food offerings at the Grant Seafood Festival.
The numbers to the right of the item indicate the number of tickets required to purchase that item.

Grant Seafood Festival ticket prices
Here are the prices for those tickets.
I'll let you do the math.

Grant Seafood Festival deviled crab shack
Most food items have their own dedicated stand.
Here is the deviled crab cake stand.

Grant Seafood Festival deviled crab cakes
The deviled crab cakes were a favorite item of the team.
The crab cakes shown here have a few dashes of hot sauce.

Grant Seafood Festival fried shrimp
Next up was the fried shrimp.

Grant Seafood Festival fried shrimp
The fried shrimp were simply delicious;
golden brown, crispy, hot, and perfectly cooked.

Grant Seafood Festival clam chouder
Clam Chowder.

Grant Seafood Festival lobster shack
Many seafood choices at this stand.

Grant Seafood Festival lobster roll
The lobster roll:
Real lobster meat, and just the right amount of mayo dressing.

Grant Seafood Festival band stand
Bands perform throughout the festival weekend.

Grant Seafood Festival band rocks the crowd
A local band rocks the Seafood Festival crowd.

Grant Seafood Festival scallops
Tuna, scallops, conch.

Grant Seafood Festival clams
Clams, linguini, catfish, and kabobs.

Grant Seafood Festival lobster bisque
Mmmm, lobster bisque.

Grant Seafood Festival sweet items
Ice cream, key lime pie, and cotton candy are available at these stands.

Grant Seafood Festival arts and crafts
In addition to the seafood, there are art and craft vendors adjacent to the festival stands.

GGrant Seafood Festival airboat
There is also a motor sports display area.
Here you can register to win an airboat.
Who amongst us doesn't have need for one of these?

Grant Seafood Festival qaud
Quads seem to be the primary mode of transportation in Grant, Florida.

Grant Seafood Festival trailer transportation
If you arrive late and have to park in an outlying parking area,
complementary transportation to the festival is available.
Splinters in your butt are also complimentary.

Grant Seafood Festival crowd shot
Crowds enjoying seafood at the Grand Seafood Festival.

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